Supervision and Clinical Consultation

Every psychoanalytic psychotherapist can benefit from thinking about their clinical work with another clinician experienced in the same area or model of work. This helps with expanding the understanding about a particular therapy relationship, and contributes to the continuing development of the clinician’s analytic capacities, clinical intuition, and ways of conceiving emotional and mental life. Paying good attention to one’s own analytic development is central to one’s capacity to work effectively as a psychotherapist.   

I have many years experience supervising the clinical work of colleagues (those working within public services and privately) who are working dynamically, at all levels of training and experience, within a psychoanalytic framework. I can provide supervision to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists working with children, adolescents, parents/carers (including couples), and families. Additionally, if you are a couple therapist or other clinician working therapeutically (privately or in public services) with adult couples, I can offer supervision or consultation.  

Supervision is usually established as a regular and ongoing arrangement, but there is also scope for clinical consultations on a less frequent or short-term basis. If you are interested in finding out more and having a preliminary discussion, please contact me.